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Electronic Waste

Campaign Success - a 7 year effort! The massive explosion in the electronics consumer market was not accompanied by producer responsibility.Combined with a high turnover of products - hundreds of millions of computers, TVs, mobile phones and digital items have already been sent or are likely to be disposed into landfill - amounting to millions of tonnes of plastic, glass, rare minerals and heavy metals which can be easily recovered. So far only a small portion has been recycled and our current facilities have spare capacity. A campaign was launched by Total Environment Centre (TEC) and other groups and now there will be an extensive national collection system. TV and computer industry associations eventually agreed to act and after some years began working with environmental groups to convince governments to support a national recycling scheme. This is timed to start in mid-2012 and is the first such scheme under Australia's new Product Stewardship Act.  Industry has agreed to an 80% collection rate by 2020 and government has imposed a 90% resource recovery rate from the collected items, by 2014. TEC will monitor implementation including whether there is sufficient collection capacity and inclusion of mobile phones and computer peripherals.

Toxic e-waste zombies come to town

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