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Beverage container litter

Almost 8 billion beverage containers are landfilled or littered in Australia each year – about 60% of consumption. It’s an enormous waste. For the past 10 years environmentalists have been campaigning for a container deposit system (CDS) - a 10cent deposit on each bottle or can which can be repaid when it is returned to a recycling depot. This would create a new green industry, several thousand jobs and money for charities. Only South Australia and the Northern Territory have a CDS. Once established a CDS collects over 80% of containers. Unfortunately a few big beverage companies like Coca Cola oppose CDS and they are spending big. Nevertheless we are making progress and the campaign for a national scheme is approaching a climax. Total Environment Centre is leading over 20 national and state environment groups who are working from the grass roots at community fairs to visits to national and state parliaments to lobby environment ministers. More info, videos and action tools: Boomerang Alliance

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Why we need a container deposits system

Read more about why we need a national container deposits system at the Boomerang Alliance website. 

Ten cents can save Australia

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