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Australia only recycles about 16% of its 48 million tyres. 67% are landfilled, dumped illegally or stockpiled – and 18% exported (sometimes illegally) to Vietnam and China where workers retrieve the resources in dreadful conditions, causing ill health and severe pollution. Each car tyre contains 1.5kg of steel, 0.5kg of textiles, and 7kg of rubber – all of which are recoverable and can be reused. Australia has several tyre recyclers but they are operating at about half capacity and are economically stressed as there is no policy to support domestic recycling. Federal and state governments have been talking about a national recycling scheme since 2004 – but nothing eventuated until 2012 when the industry proposed a voluntary take-back scheme but it lacks targets and does not require all retailers and producers to join. We are campaigning for a scheme that will make a difference.

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